Bilingual Book Cover Design Workshop!

I deliver book readings and bookmaking workshops for KS1 + KS2 kids for schools, communities, culture centres, museums and more:

Join me (Sharon Vidan) for a creative workshop where we will explore and learn about book cover design. We all know that first impressions count, and that's why book covers are so important. In this workshop, children will learn about the elements that make a great book cover, from the title to the images and the relationships between the two.

In this workshop, aimed at bilingual children aged from 4 - 12, we will design our double-sided book cover, combining Hebrew and English, for a unique book that can open from both sides! Both from left AND right (following the example of the book My Heart Is Here and There).

We will use Hebrew and English letters, explore famous children's book covers as examples, and create unique designs.

Using simple, playful techniques, we'll combine the story idea, emotions, images, title, typography, and colours to create a meaningful and eye-catching book cover.

Get ready for a fun and engaging session where you'll learn how to bring your book cover to life!


Please contact me to book your workshop! 


Sharon Vidan-Kashti is the author and illustrator of the book My Heart is Here and There. She specializes in bookmaking, the indie publishing process, and tools for creativity. She offers bookmaking workshops and readings of My Heart Is Here & There. Sharon teaches graphic design and digital art and is excited to educate children and adults about creativity, bookmaking, and design tools.

My Heart Is Here & There is a bilingual double-sided children's picture book in Hebrew and English that tells the story of a little girl growing up in London with Israeli parents and her journey through different cultures. Her heart is here, but it is also there. Wait, wait, where?!