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Our Shop is HERE!



So good to open our shop after hard work and months of planning and procrastinating.

I wanted to tell you how I came about writing this story. Are you ready?

Have you ever wondered how it would feel about eating Mince Pie with Hummus? Or to wear the shortest clothes on the coldest day of the year? Then keep on reading!

This is a tale about a little girl who lived in London, but her family was from a remote town called Tel Aviv. Her heart was here but also there. Wait, wait, where?

This is also a story about bilingual kids. When you raise bilingual children, you often encounter funny situations of mixed sentences, books that usually open from the wrong side, Hebrew songs sung with a British accent and vice versa, strange food combinations and more!

You can also encounter less pleasant situations where people ask your child, "But where are you from?" And they say, "I am from London", and then that person/child persists, "But where are you REALLY from?" And you see the confusion on your child's face, as they were indeed born and raised in London. It's just their parents who are from Israel.

For all those reasons and more, I have decided to dedicate nights and days to work on this passion book project, My Heart Is Here And There. 

And what's more? This book may be the first bilingual double-sided book ever to be seen on the face of the earth! More of a reason to have a look, isn't it?  

 See you here, and there!


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