Goodby 2022, Lets do this - 2023!

Goodby 2022, Lets do this - 2023!

2022 End-of-Year Review

2022 was a year centred around My Heart Is Here and There's birthday! It was a year full of activities I am grateful for the opportunities it brought my way. From book workshops to speaking engagements, I was constantly engaged, and it was a true joy to share my love of bookmaking and connect with others.

As I look ahead to 2023, I am thinking about the goals I want to set for myself. While the past year was filled with a lot of activity, I want to ensure that I am setting meaningful goals that will help me grow as a creator, bookmaker, artist and, of course, a person and a parent.

I wanted to share some of the activities. I hope you will find this content valuable and exciting, especially if you also share a love for children's picture books and the experience of relocating to a new place and raising bilingual children.

So this is what happened: 

  • I published "My Heart Is Here and There"
  • Delivered a workshop with PJ Library about raising bilingual children
  • I also delivered a workshop about book cover design at Simon Marks Jewish Primary School, which was lovely.
  • Participated in a talk about indie publishing.
  • I designed and built my very own Shopify store! I used Wix until now, but as I plan to sell my books direct, I decided to set up a shop.
  • To celebrate the shop launch and the new year, I now offer 10% off. (During January 2023). 

In addition, If you'd like to read more about what led me to write the book, head to עלונדון as they kindly wrote about my author journey and the book.

I am also excited to share that Hamidgalor, a gorgeous bookshop in Tel Aviv, now has my book on display. If you are in Israel, you can purchase it from them.

I completed two courses with the Good Ship Illustration in the past year. One was a children's picture book course, and the other was an illustration course. I learned much, deepened my understanding of illustration and storytelling, and connected with great people. 

Last but not least, I returned to weekly life drawing sessions with Draw Brighton. I am so happy to be drawing from life again, as there's no better feeling than being in state flow when drawing.

In between it all, I designed children's picture books for clients, which I can't wait to see published. I also did graphic design client work for marketing for different clients.

Needless to say that I needed this break!

However, I am happy to be back at the studio as I have exciting news coming up, with workshops planned and more products in the making, made especially for our community in mind. Please Keep in touch to stay up-to-date on all the latest news.

Thanks again for your support, and I wish you a nurturing, creative, and healthy new year!

See you here and there! 

Best Wishes, 

Sharon Vidan-Kashti


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